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The year is 1945. Amidst the fever of war, one man will be forced to decide between family and country. Tsutomu Yamaguchi is a navy engineer for a war that is all but lost. When a mission arises that separates him from his family, Yamaguchi makes a fateful, haunting decision. The mission: to help design a Japanese battleship. The destination: Hiroshima.

Fearful that the Americans will invade Nagasaki while he is away, Yamaguchi gives his wife hopeless instructions. but he is unaware that it is the dawn of the atomic age. When an act of unspeakable destruction teaches Yamaguchi the value of life, he must risk everything to return to his wife and child and prevent the death he had imagined for them.

Assisted by his friends Iwanaga and Sato, Yamaguchi returns from Hiroshima having witnessed horrors that no person had seen before. Yamaguchi's journey from the heart of humankind's most destructive weapon is a story about a man who experiences senseless destruction and reevaluates his concept of life, love, country, and duty.


Avantika Agarwal

Cristopher Bautista

Susan Chen

Guillermo Huerta

Sam Julian

Tamarind King

Christopher Lin

James Lipshaw

Lucas Loredo

Melody Lu

Justine Massey

Erica Neville

Katie Pyne

Anna Rosales

Antonia Sohns

Sarah Snow

Benjamin Stolurow

Avery Weidman

Lauren YoungSmith

Instructors: Dan Archer, Adam Johnson, Tom Kealey